Please remove your shoes before entering my mind

This blog will be chaotic. I don’t pretend to be a writer, I am just a wanna-be all. I can only promise you an heartfelt mix and match of Portuguese and English words, sweet but sad sentences, way too short stories and chronicles, some non-sense and meaningful thoughts, surreal reality, fiction and dream, silent screams and ice creams, a bunch of idiomatic expressions translated literally and therefore into mad-language, mainly interesting-finally travel posts and shots around the world, too many random sentences and more other unspeakable things that I know I will end up writing, but not saying, as they are unspeakable. I apologise and thank you in advance all at the same time and standing only on one leg like a good flamingo to regulate my body temperature. I truly appreciate your visit or your comments, ideally both. But only if you are nice and your feedback constructive, you are then very welcomed to my inner house.


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