Girl: the ultimate insult

I don’t know since when being a girl is a bad thing, but it is. If you see boys playing in the streets, an old-school thing that used to happen before the smart phones and online gaming existed, you will often hear sentences like ‘You throw like a girl’. It is true: studies by the university of Texas confirm that nearly all boys are better at throwing balls than girls. But is that a reason to trash girls all the time? Okay, we rotate our hips and shoulders together, which doesn’t get the ball far, and so what? We are better at other things, and we don’t trash men. We don’t say to a woman that cooks bad ‘You cook like a man.’ We just don’t do it. Or I will not admit it because it is not convenient right now. And think about this: what is the worse possible thing we can call a woman? Slut, whore or bitch. The worse thing you can call a guy is fag, bitch or girl. So, you insult girls and boys by calling them girl! Being girly is something bad for both genders. Girl is the final insult. Don’t you guys have mothers? You will likely compliment a girl who drives well by saying ‘You drive like a man.’ and if you want to offend a guy you’ll say ‘You drive like a girl.’ Why is it being a man something great and being a girl so bad? What a beautiful men’s world. If a guy is self-assured he is just self-assured, if the girl is self-assured she is an arrogant bitch; if a guy climbs trees he is active and agile, if the girl climbs trees she is probably a tomboy or a lesbian; if a guy has many sexual partners he is experienced, if a girl has many sexual partners she is a whore. Even some of us women think and say these things out loud! Boys trash girls and we help them! Nobody chooses his or her gender at birth, but if we could, I think most of us would choose to be a man. And that is wrong. At this day-and-age with violence against woman numbers getting worse, birth control madness, mommy wars, and lower pay for equal work, I wonder why as a cherry on top we have to see our gender being used as an insult. What is the message? If you are a woman be prepared to fail? If you are a stay-at-home mom you are useless and you are living on the expenses of your husband, bitch. If you are a career-mom then you are obviously not a good mom, bitch. When will we be worth of a word of compliment? When we become men. And people wonder why in general, men appear to be more comfortable in their skin, with their weight and perceive less pressure to be thin than woman. The big belly in a man’s body is a sign of success, and in a woman, she is just fat. Men will not want her anymore, she will end up alone with a box of chocolates and instead of naming her kids she will be naming a cat. That is also why nervous anorexia is more prevalent among adolescent females than males. The world is infested with models in magazines and in TV, naked pictures of girls with perfect bodies and that makes women see themselves as over-weight and ugly. Then they hurt themselves trying to get as thin as them. But not everyone can look like Barbie, who is now 55 year-old and still beautiful and thin, so unhappiness, insecurity and eating disorders are the everyday result. In ten years we will be seeing also grandmas experiencing anorexia because grandpas will still want Barbies. Well, I run like a girl, I cry like a girl, I drink water like a girl. And that should mean only one thing: that I am a girl.

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