Life of a flight attendant

Some have asked me to post a video about my routine as a flight attendant. If we can call it a routine. Sometimes I have layovers really long in which I spend 3 or 4 nights outside my base (London), but we also have short duties, like a 24 hours layover in Tampa, or New York, or Orlando, or Barbados, and so on.

Crew life

But 24 hours is enough if we are eager to visit and run all the streets of the city. And if we sleep a lot less than necessary. So, I have decided to show you what happens in 24 hours of my life at my airline job. In the morning I’m in London, in the evening I’ll have dinner in New York, the next day I’ll be walking around the big Apple and in that same evening I’m serving tea and coffee and making sure you fly safe from A to B. And back to London here I am again.



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