An afternoon in San Francisco

San Francisco is home to a little bit of everything. Whether you’re a first time visitor or a long-time local, San Francisco’s Golden Gates welcome us all. This time I didn’t spend much time there because my layover was actually in Oakland. So the cable car was the perfect idea for us to have a beautiful glimpse of the city. At Powell and Market streets, there is a cable car turntable which serves as the beginning stop for two lines, the Powell-Mason and Powell-Hyde lines. The first line I mentioned was the one I picked on the 3rd of February. It begins there at turntable and then the line runs from there up and over Nob Hill and down to Bay Street at Fisherman’s Wharf. When you hop aboard these rolling landmarks you’re climbing hills the same way San Franciscans did in the 1870s. Isn’t that wonderful? I also love to travel in time.

San Fran


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