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Olá viajante,

O meu nome é Sofia Vila Nova e fico muito contente que tenhas chegado até mim.

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Let your dreams take off.

Quando tudo parecer que está a correr mal, persiste e segue o teu sonho. Como disse e bem o Henry Ford, lembra-te que também o avião descola contra o vento, e não a favor dele.

Social Studies Master’s Degree, Post-graduation in Translation for the Media.
Copywriter, Cabin Crew and Travel Consultant.

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Troquei o curso de jornalismo pela publicidade, e depois a publicidade pelos aviões. Troquei a ai-ai-ai minha machadinha pelo Habibi ia aini ia aini ia Leili; troquei a arte de estacionar no centro de Lisboa pela arte marcial tahtib; zombei dos 3 graus do Inverno Austríaco, esqueci-me dos 10 de Portugal e bronzeei-me nos 30 de Abu Dhabi. Troquei o centro comercial Colombo pelo Marina Mall. Tive saudades dos Escudos, troquei os Euros por Dirhams, mas poupar está quieta. Troquei a praia da Costa da Caparica pela praia da Corniche e os biquinis brasileiros pelos incómodos burquinis. Até troquei os jeans azuis e os tops vermelhos pelas túnicas negras. Mas depois, e porque nunca estou parada, voltei a trocar a Arábia pela Europa, a minha doce Europa. Mantive os aviões, voei 3 anos de Londres para o resto do mundo, depois voltei para Portugal onde estou desde 2019 e continuo a passear pelo mundo: a servir e a cuidar dos meus passageiros. Tirei uma pós-graduação em tradução para os média, um curso de cinema, outro de escrita de guiões, outro de linguagem gestual portuguesa, outro de micro-expressões e linguagem corporal, e o próximo curso vai ser de fotografia. Altos voos se aproximam.

Short story? Portuguese living in London. Blogger, copywriter, cabin crew, wanna-be translator, wanna-be screenwriter, wanna-be singer, wanna-be dancer, wanna-be psychologist, very nice person but clearly suffering from alternating attention. Long story? I’m a woman. But sometimes I think like a man. I’m a daughter but I have been mother of some. I’m a want to-be writer who studied journalism and worked as copywriter for many years. I love life and still I get surprised with the beauty of the world, and because of that I just can’t stay still or just in only one place. I’m always flying around and I have more than just one life at once. Trained to fight fires and in first aid, I end up working many times as a psychologist, a waitress and a unknown friend. Sometimes I open my eyes and I just helped saving someone’s life. Other times I wake up and I can’t remember where I am. That is because it is actually possible that in the same month I could be in Jakarta, or in Dublin, in Manila, in Toronto or in Tokyo, in Amsterdam, in Johannesburg or even in Kathmandu. But that is not a surprise, for those who know me. All my life I have always followed the strongest winds. I learned how to walk in Brazil, attended university in Portugal, learned how to respect the traffic laws in Austria, and I first landed a Cessna in Spain. I’m portuguese. But sometimes I think in english. I can’t stick to only one language because I need all the words I know. I love them and I feel their power. They can kill or they can cure. Life is fun and people say I am sunny. I almost died at least three times but I survived, otherwise who would be writing this right now? Hopefully I didn’t die to be able do some good deeds. I still have time: more 5 lives to go. In the meanwhile I saw the sunrise in more than 50 countries, cheered up many people, got responsible for few, made them laugh, got my finger held by a baby, taught some people new things, overwhelmed some, probably disappointed others, learned from my mistakes and from other people’s mistakes, got more tolerant, got less perfect, got more real, had ice-creams with homeless people, had distasteful dinners in palaces, had some life changing conversations, stole some hearts that were never meant to be mine, therefore broke their hearts, got mine in pieces more than once, and got myself together to finally understand completely what loving someone truly feels like. But pain is better than hate. And from all the pain rises happiness. Love is at the end of the path and in the beginning of a new life. I’m still afraid of some things in life, I am still not that wise, and some other things still bother me in death, but I don’t let anything or anyone stop me from trying. And even if I fail, and I fail, and I fail, I know I am still succeeding in not giving up. Till one day I just win. After all, I’m only a human with super hero powers.

Thanks for reading me.

Let your dreams take-off now!

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