The whiskers are back


To tell the truth, they never went out of fashion. The famous hairs between the mouth and the nose of Mrs. Joaquina from Benfica certainly prove that. Her upper lip hairs were born and became sumptuous by puberty and now after 72 years, they are a little weaker but still super long, belonging to her as much as Salvador Dali’s moustache belonged to him. The two whiskers seem to me however surreal. This symbol of masculinity of the 40s and 50s, and also women’s carelessness, went into decline in the 70s, but it seems that the glamour of the classic Hollywood actors is back to thrill or delight of many. But besides the esthetical (insert here an adjective of your choice) part, can also a moustache have some utility? Today I woke up thinking about it. I know that cats use their whiskers as sensory tool to find the prey. Help them to avoid predators, to see better in the dark, and even improves their ability to hear. Now, should the whiskers of men also improve their ability to listen to women, and hence the resounding success that this hairiness above the lips has been doing among them? Would it be the moustache the instrument that men needed to realize at first that when women answer ‘Nothing’ in fact they are saying ‘You went for drinks with your friends instead of making me company at home when I was sick’? Will also be the moustache of men the instrument location that helps them reducing the time to find the G-spot and other question marks of women? Let your moustache grow. And who knows if your quality of life does not increase proportionally to your facial hair? Taking care of whiskers is not even too difficult. A little more soap or shampoo at bath time and conditioner once a week (optional) to make the whiskers a bit softer. Before meals is necessary to smooth the hair with your fingers upward to avoid contact with food waste, or combing the moustache with an old toothcomb if necessary. And attention must be taken when drinking beer because of the foam. To cultivate a moustache is not for everyone, but only if you try you will know. Many have done it and have had success. Included in the list of moustached personalities are Freddy Mercury, Friedrich Nietzsche, Che Guevara, Clark Gable, Frank Zappa, Albert Einstein, Charles Chaplin. At one point all the Beatles also moustached, Frida Kahlo always had a moustache, though in the wrong place and she used to miscall them eyebrows, recently Brad Pitt joined the moustache club and even Justin Bieber made ​​sure to remind us all that he is still a little boy by displaying his drain non-moustache. In the 60s, the Martin Luther King Jr and his moustache also had a dream. The dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners could have all of them their own impressive moustaches and so they could sit at the very same table to smooth their whiskers together. Think about it. Let yours grow as well and then see how you feel. To shave or not to shave, would also say Shakespeare while smoothing his own.

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